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As a builder or developer, the land you intend to build on is as important as the structure you plan to put on top of it. Along with the land blueprint, and the building blueprint the blueprint of ownership is important to obtain before building begins. Title ownership is important to the builder/developer in ensuring a smooth construction process from start to finish. Insurance of that title is as important.

BBC Title Agency, based in Royal Oak (suburb of Detroit) Michigan understands those needs and is dedicated to supplying your company with the best title insurance policy available.

With an experienced team of agents, underwritten by United General Title Insurance Company, the fastest growing underwriting company in the nation, BBC Title Agency offers the best services in Michigan real estate. Partnered with A.S.K. Services, a search and examination company, BBC Title Agency delivers their quality product quickly and efficiently.

With a title insurance policy from BBC Title Agency, you and your company can rest assured that you are fully protected in the event of a challenge or question of title that could greatly delay or stop the building process or end it all together. In the event of a challenge to title, BBC Title will cover you as well as provide you legal guidance with their in house legal staff.

BBC Title Agency has offices on the east and west sides of Detroit for your convenience. You can also order online by clicking here.