MI For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Title Services
For Sale By Owner Title Services Michigan

You've made the decision to privately sell your home and you've been working hard and finally it's paid off…Congratulations! You've found a buyer!

Now What?

BBC Title products and services will guide you through the FSBO closing process.

Located in southeast Michigan with mobile office capabilities, BBC Title offers legal and professional experience to close your sale. BBC Title can provide title insurance, handle settlement services, draft and record new deeds, and pay off mortgages and liens all under one roof.

BBC Title offers competitive prices, excellent customer service and flexibility to meet all of your closing needs. We are dedicated to making your closing process as smooth as possible. Confidently complete your transaction with experts at your side.

Why use BBC Title Agency?

In addition to mobile offices and experienced, dedicated staff, BBC title offers legal counsel in house. BBC will have a licensed, in-house attorney to review all documents for your real estate transaction prior to closing. This includes purchase agreements, deeds, escrow agreements and other transfer documents. Documents are reviewed for legal effect and accuracy, and there is no additional charge for this service.

What do I need?

Once you and the buyer have agreed on a price, gather the following documents:

-Purchase Agreement
-Seller's Disclosure Statement
-Lead Paint Disclosure Statement
-Escrow Agreement

After these documents have been gathered, contact BBC Title Agency to make the rest of your real estate transaction and guide you to a successful sale.

Why Real Estate Title Is Important

During the real estate purchase process there are many nuances, red tape and responsibilities involved in completing the process legally and in the best interest of lenders, sellers and buyers. Title insurance policies are put in place to ensure that interest.

In America , public record is thought to be common knowledge, available to anyone who wishes to see it. Land ownership is an example of public documentation that has been law based and meticulously recorded, some dating back to Spanish Settlement. These documents, although public record, aren't really common knowledge. This is where your Title Insurance policy comes into play.

Prior to the purchase of property, the records of ownership must be searched extensively in order to determine ownership of any piece of property at any given time. The search concludes whether or not there are any mortgages, liens or other encumbrances outstanding against it. Investigations are usually left to experts who specialize in the field.

Unfortunately, even with an expert's advice, there are possibilities of undetected title defects. Title insurance is best for protecting investment in property. Not only does it protect ownership, in case of a “cloud” on the title, it also harbors the owner of the policy from any monetary loss should the title be challenged.

It is typically required by a lender for the homeowner to purchase title insurance before approving a loan. This is to ensure that should there be a flawed title; the lender's money is secure. BBC title also recommends the owner take out a policy on the title.

Homeowners are accustomed to the idea of homeowner's insurance with a fire clause. The idea is simple and tangible: If there is a fire, it will be horrible. I will lose everything…good thing I'm insured.” Similarly, if a title is challenged, the owner stands to lose their property and any money that had been invested. Under a BBC title that homeowner would have been secure.

Please see our Forms Section to get all of the documents that you are going to need to successfully sell your home.